15. Enrico Borghi – Energizing a capacitor

In this study the charging of a capacitor is considered, a choice depending on the fact that this process neatly highlights not negligible contradictions present in the current way of proposing/interpreting the Maxwellian Electromagnetism, which is based on the largely widespread idea that  the electromagnetic field is a physical object, i.e. it is endowed with energy and momentum.

On this subject two well-known Physics treatises, the Feynman Physics and the Berkeley Physics, have different positions.

Berkeley Physics asserts to be scarcely interested in deciding whether the e.m. field should or should not be considered a physical object, while Feynman’s Physics opts definitely for a physical e.m. field, which therefore has energy and momentum, but says that the Poynting vector, a quantity that expresses the density of the e.m. energy flux  and is proportional to the e.m. momentum, is a nonsense.

In my opinion, a new interpretation/presentation of the Maxwellian Electromagnetism is necessary to solve these problems. My point of view has been treated in several posts of this blog   “fisicarivisitata” (https://fisicarivisitata.wordpress.com/).

The present study is a further contribution to clarify the problem.


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